CONFIDEX - About confidence in the economy during the war in Ukraine


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Impetum Group means:

Impetum Group is the Romanian group formed by the reunion of the 4 brands: CITR, ROCA, ROCA X and AGISTA, dedicated to the mission to maximize the business value at any stage of a company's life. br Impetum Group is: Pro Business. Against Value Destruction.

O echipă de juriști și economiști din Transilvania pun bazele unei societăți de practicieni în insolvență.
Our legacy


Confidex is a nationwide project that will step by step x-ray the effects of the coronavirus crisis on the economy and will focus on the elements that restore business confidence in the economy. Confidex is the invitation launched by Impetum Group from the desire to create a framework for collaboration between relevant personalities in the business environment, to contribute to the strategic and correct reconstruction of a robust economy in Romania.

Meet the team:

"We are business value practitioners: together, we apply innovative solutions and set new standards in Romanian entrepreneurship. We follow the path of our beliefs, being determined to turn our perspectives and attitudes upside down, challenge the status quo, and use our strengths creatively. We look to the future with confidence. We know what it looks like and we make it happen. ” Andrei Cionca, President of Impetum Group

Andrei Cionca
Andrei Cionca

CEO and Co-founder of Impetum Group

Andreea Cionca Anghelof
Andreea Cionca Anghelof

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Impetum Group

Rudolf Vizental
Rudolf Vizental

CIO and co-founder of Impteum Group

Anca Manitiu
Anca Manitiu

CFO Impetum Group

Vasile Godîncă-Herlea
Vasile Godîncă-Herlea

Co-founder Impetum Group

Impetum Group includes:


What we offer:

Every business is unique. That's why every solution we propose is personalized. Impetum Group brings together investors, entrepreneurial managers and experts in managing difficult situations and financing. Thus, our customers benefit from an integrated and integral approach, on the whole chain of a business. Our interdisciplinary team has the ability to assess in real time the business needs, it frames them in a typology, concretely identifying the appropriate solution. Through the complementarity of its companies, Impetum Group ensures a diversity of tools and creates synergies between them, offering an increase in value in the business.