Vasile Godîncă-Herlea

Co-founder Impetum Group

Vasile is a member of the Impetum Group’s board of directors with high impact in the area of business structuring and responsible for the synergies created between the group’s firms and the entrepreneurial community. His ability to make quick business decisions in difficult situations is supported by his experience of 17 years in crisis management and restructuring of local businesses. During the last 10 years, Vasile managed CITR’s activity as Managing Partner (7 years) and as CITR’s CEO (3 years). His leadership skills supported CITR to successfully manage a portfolio of 400 companies annually.

Vasile is an insolvency authority, being a member of the National Board of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners (UNPIR) and a member of the INSOL Europe Council. Vasile is also the leader of the team of experts involved in transposing into national legislation the European Directive on business prevention and restructuring.