What we offer

Every business is unique. That’s why every solution we offer is customized. Impetum Group brings together people, capital, projects, know how and passion. Thus, our customers benefit from an integrated and integral approach, on the whole value chain of a business.

Our interdisciplinary team has the ability to assess in real time a company’s  business needs, identifying patterns and framing them in a specific typology, concretely identifying appropriate solutions.

Through the complementarity of its component firms, Impetum Group ensures a diversity of financial tools and creates synergies between them, offering an increase in business value.

A strong economy needs healthy companies to perform on the market and sustain economic development. Any disturbing market changes or wrong market-related decisions can quickly lead to the destabilization of a company. Adapting in time is vital in an unstable economic environment.

Capital is a key element in the life of a company, regardless of its development stage. The economic environment needs smart investment, combining financial resources and management, through which companies can consolidate and be propelled to the next level of their development.

Technology is a superior stage in the development of companies from all economic sectors and is vital for the Romanian ecosystem.

Impetum Group means:

• Smart partnerships

• Entrepreneurial vision

• Relevance & scope

• Perseverance & passion