Andreea Cionca Anghelof

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Impetum Group

Andreea is a member of the Impetum Group board of directors being responsible for the group’s strategy, branding and communication. Andreea is also the President of the Impetum Foundation, established with the aim to consolidate the Romanian entrepreneurial culture.

With over 16 years of experience in crisis management, of which 9 years as CITR Managing Partner, the managing capabilities of Andrea contributed to 2 of CITR’s most resounding successes, namely the reorganization of the Flanco brand and the “Tractorul Brașov” transaction, which positively impacted the entire industry.

Constantly mindful to satisfy customer needs and concerns, she is the promoter of changing the public perception regarding second chances given to Romanian entrepreneurs who sometimes face failure in their businesses, having the conviction that failure is always more valuable than inaction.