Meet the team

Impetum Group brings together an ambitious team of professionals sustained by their reputation and past performance, be it in insolvency proceedings, private equity investments, venture capital or innovation. The results and value derived from the over 1000 projects we have been involved in greatly recommend us – not limited to the number itself or the size of the projects, but the intensity of working them out through courageous decisions, premier solutions, and reputable leadership. We are all value practitioners, brought together by an appetite for success, with the same common mission for the future: to maximize business value at any stage of a company’s life.

Impetum Group brings together 160 specialists, senior experts in strategic management, financial analysts, lawyers, insolvency practitioners, economists, jurists, specialists in marketing strategy and sales, wealth management.

In addition, Impetum Group is based on its support departments: HR & Organizational Culture, Financial, Communication & Digitization, IT, R&D.

The expertise in almost all business sectors is due to the senior specialists’ experience of over 20 years working in the Impetum Group and its subsidiaries: CITR, ROCA, ROCA X and AGISTA.

Andrei Cionca

CEO and Co-founder of Impetum Group

Andreea Cionca Anghelof

Managing Director and Co-Founder of Impetum Group

Rudolf Vizental

CIO and co-founder of Impteum Group

Anca Manitiu

CFO Impetum Group

Vasile Godîncă-Herlea

Co-founder Impetum Group