ROCA X is a venture capital of 12M EUR, entirely privately owned, investing in disruptive technology start-ups in the Pre-Seed and Seed phases. In December 2021, the management team at ROCA X became the first alternative investment funds manager of EuVECA in Romania, thus allowing it to coordinate venture capital fund portfolios all around the European Union, its operating basis being the EU Regulations regarding European venture capital funds. 

ROCA X does not focusing exclusively on a certain niche, but actively monitors both economic evolution and fast-growing areas, as well as new trends in technology, derived from the new dimensions of the development of society and humanity.

ROCA X’s ambition is to be a regional player, with access to European technology companies, to create a bridge between tech companies, the human resources needed for their development, capital from private and institutional sources and worldwide markets in an extremely fast in making business decisions.