Rudolf Vizental

CIO and co-founder of Impteum Group

Rudi is a member of the Impetum Group board of directors being responsible for the investment strategy of the Group. Rudi has a background of 15 years of expertise in the area of distress and 5 years of experience in financing where he learnt to seek opportunities where others only see risks.

Co-founder and CEO of ROCA Investments, Rudi is a pragmatic financier, whose appetite for investment activity is anchored in the current business reality and with an in-depth understanding of the needs of Romanian entrepreneurs.

Rudi advocates for the development of an entrepreneurial culture in Romania and for well-defined national strategic policies. Through ROCA’s mission, Rudi aims to create a community of experienced entrepreneurs and managers, whose combined efforts support the initiative to heal the local business environment by developing an associative and participatory culture.